Neteram Oy Services

Our main service is reliable stress and strength analysis with comprehensive results. Additionally, we offer help with mechanical design.  Stress and strength analysis plays a key role in modern product design and production; it can be used both for verifying the functionality of the design as well as improving it.


Our design services help you with small changes necessary to implement improvements based on stress analysis. We take the application, environment and production costs into account in all design improvements.


Our promise is that the results are clear and that all reporting is done according to the customer need. When needed, we include a ready-made presentation of the main results.

Neteram Oy – friendly and agile

Neteram Oy is a friendly and agile service producer in the field of stress and strength analysis and design. We focus on efficient communication and co-operation with the customer in order to produce the very best result and the highest added value. We're determined to find the optimal solutions for challenging applications.


Neteram Oy is run by executive designer Antti Närhi. Our small but energetic team consists of FEM modelers, mechanical designers and project management professionals. Neteram's history is in mechanical engineering and our expertise extends to installations and production. We are driven by the will to deliver what we promise and by bringing new perspective to customer challenges.